Carleton University again offers course on Israel/Palestine


Carleton University in Ottawa has announced that for the second year in a row it will offer a course on the Israel/Palestinian conflict as part of its “Learning in Retirement” program. Interested? Read more…

As a result of very positive response to last year’s programming, the “Learning in Retirement” program of Carleton University will be again be offering a course on the contentious and challenging Israel/Palestine conflict. The six week course will run from January 11th to February 15th, 2017.

The course was first offered last year on an experimental basis with a projected initial class size of 30. Because of the high level of interest, that was later increased to 40, and then had to be bumped up to 50 within a few days of the announcement of the course. Even so, another 17 people on a waiting list could not be accommodated.

The course is intended to be a serious look at the contentious Israel/Palestinian issue. In general, reaction from the first year’s course participants was extremely positive.

A few comments from participants…

“I came into the class with some knowledge and some opinions. I learned so much, changed some of my opinions, and came away with a richer understanding.”

“The instructor’s personal experience and passion for the subject enlightened every lecture. Dr. Larson guided participants through contentious discussion with skilled diplomacy, profound insight, and respect for contrary opinion. The lecture content & presentation material was comprehensive & well structured.

“This course was simultaneously challenging, entertaining, & transformative in changing biased opinion & easy answers. The use of a guest lecturer, personal interviews with refugees, and an excellent reading guide reinforced the outstanding quality of this lecture series. Encore please!!!”

Some of last year’s attendees came to the course without any prior knowledge. Others came with strong opinions and preferences on either side of this complex issue. Nonetheless, evaluations carried out by Carleton showed that 97 % of attendees found the amount of discussion and the scholarly level of the course was “just right”. A similar number said they would “recommend this lecture series to a friend”.

The course description for 2017 reads as follows:

Israel/Palestine: Will it ever end?

Lecturer: Peter Larson, Ph.D.

Outline – (Six 2 hour lectures, using AV and guest speakers)

Over the last 70 years, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has cost thousands of lives and imposed misery on many innocent people. To most Canadians the issue appears unsolvable.  It is difficult to have a calm discussion about it, as emotions are high on all sides.  This seminar will examine the Jewish and Palestinian narratives and compare them to the historical record and current reality. We will also look at whether Canada’s current policies are likely to help bring about a resolution

The course will be offered once a week for six weeks beginning January 11 and ending February 15th.


Registration for the winter lecture series begins on Tuesday, November 22nd, at 9:00 a.m. An online registration form will be available on Tuesday, November 22nd at 9:00 a.m., and can be accessed using the following link:

Please note that any registrations received prior to 9:00 a.m. on November 22nd will not be considered.

More information is available, including the course outline, on the Carleton University “Learning in Retirement” website.


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