“Why did Canada help hide the destruction of my village?” asks Palestinian Heidar Abu Ghosh

abughosh at canada parkHeidar Abu Ghosh (r) was only 14 in 1967 when Israeli soldiers forced him and his Palestinian family to leave his village in the middle of the night. Then they destroyed it. Then JNF Canada collected (tax free) donations to hide that destruction by turning the area into a park for Israelis. Here he is in front of a sign that says the City of Ottawa made a donation. He will be coming to Ottawa to ask why. Learn more.

62 year old Palestinian Heidar Abu Ghosh remembers vividly fleeing his house dressed only in his pyjamas to a neighbouring convent for protection. Then being forced to walk, on foot, all the way to Ramallah, with Israeli soldiers making sure there was no turning back.

Heidar Abughosh will be in Ottawa on March 31 to ask why Canadians gave money to have the traces of his village hidden by planting thousands of trees. And why the Canadian government continues to give tax free charitable status to JNF Canada.

In 2014, I met Heidar on the site where his village used to be. Here is a short interview I did with him. He comes across as neither angry nor revengeful. He just wants to be treated as a human being.

Uncovering Canada Park

Centretown United Church, 507 Bank St.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Doors open @ 6:30PM, event starts @ 7PM

FREE, donations are welcome

Heidar Abu Ghosh will be travelling and speaking across Canada under the auspices of Independent Jewish Voices Canada. Check IJV website to find out when and where.