Coming to Ottawa – Two prominent Jews, with two very different views on the Israel/Palestine conflict


Yuval Rabin, son of an Israeli prime minister assassinated by a right wing jewish fanatic, will speak in Ottawa on October 15th


Filmmaker Lia Tarachansky will show her film and talk about the violent process of ethnic cleansing through which the State of Israel was created.

With tension rising in Jerusalem, Israel and the West Bank, interest is rising in understanding the sources of conflict in Israel/Palestine and possible solutions. In the next 3 weeks, Ottawa residents will have the opportunity to hear two prominent Jewish Israeli intellectuals with very different views on the root causes of the Israel/Palestine conflict. For details read on.

First – October 15th – 7:30 p.m. – a liberal Zionist perspective

Yuval Rabin speaks at Solway Jewish Community Centre

21 Nadolny Sachs Private, Ottawa


Yuval Rabin, son of assassinated Israeli President Yitsak Rabin, will be giving a presentation at the Jewish Community Centre at the invitation of Canadian Friends of Peace Now, a liberal Zionist organization. His talk, entitled “The Rabin legacy and the quest for peace” will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the assassination of his late father. It is to be expected that Rabin will be very critical of the Netanyahu government, particularly focusing on its policies in supporting the growth of settlements in the West Bank. However, Rabin can also be expected to defend the idea of Israel “as a Jewish State’, including preferential laws for Jews inside the State of Israel. He is not expected to say much about the solution for the 5 million Palestinian refugees.

Next – October 20th – 7:00 p.m. – an anti-Zionist perspective

Lia Tarachansky speaks at First Unitarian Congregation

30 Cleary Avenue, Ottawa


A week after Rabin’s presentation, it will be the turn of Lia Tarachansky to present the current version of her film, and to participate in a Q&A session following the showing. She has just completed a European tour which took her to several countries in central and Northern Europe. Lia is a Jewish Canadian/Israeli reporter turned film maker. Her reporting has led her to investigate the ethnic cleansing which took place during the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. A trailer for the film gives an idea of its contents.  The event is organized by the Global Social Justice Working Group of the First Unitarian Congregation.

It will be interesting to compare the two perspectives.


  1. Interesting that Rabin’s talk is the same evening as the JNF extravaganza at the Chateau Laurier…. Ida

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