What next for Canadian Boat to Gaza?: Video interview with Ehab Lotoyef

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An international coalition again failed in its attempt to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. But what were its real objectives? Was it just to bring humanitarian supplies? Or do something else? Did it succeed? Will the organizers try again? We interviewed Ehab Lotoyef, one of the principal organizers of the Canadian Boat to Gaza to get his views. See his interview below.

Four Canadians were among those who participated in Freedom Flotilla III, an attempt to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza last June. The Canadian Boat to Gaza group was part of the international Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC), a solidarity movement composed of groups from all over the world working together to end the siege of Gaza. It was formed after the Mavi Marmara incident in 2010 when Israeli special forces killed several people trying to bring aid to Gaza.

But Freedom Flotilla III was also stopped by the Israeli navy. Two of the Canadians, Robert Lovelace and Kevin Neish were arrested when the Israeli navy boarded the Mariana on the high seas on June 29th. Two others, Ehab Lotoyef, a Montreal engineer and Christian Martel a retired trade union leader, who were on accompanying boats, were forced to turn back.

While Freedom Flotilla III did not succeed in its stated mission of bringing much needed humanitarian supplies to Gaza, that was only part of its objective, according to Ehab Lotoyef, “We are proud of everyone who participated in Free Gaza III.”


  1. Excellent Peter,
    At the same time, I’m sorry that I couldn’t be part of the conversation, and be part of this conversation for this hangout on Air, because I’ve just opened my lap top, and read about this hangout.

    I went to GAZA four years ago,
    the Gazan people, their miserable situation and miserable life they are living in, can’t be described !.

    Gaza is a big prison, without any of the life CONSTITUENTS!!

    I hope that you interview one of the official conservatives in our Canadian Government, to let the CANADIANS know about their reply -as Canada is a democratic Country, and believes and backs the Human Rights for every one- including the People of Gaza, or may be you can say “excluding the Palestinians in Gaza”!!


  2. Thanks for this Peter. I couldn’t listen to the interview as there isn’t any audio of the computer from where I am making contact
    I can’t imagine negotiating with Israel since the current leadership seems determined to pursue a couorse of action that never worked in the past and increases the llikelihood of greater crises in the future.

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    How can one sign up to or sign on aboard as a crew member to join Freedom Flotilla from Europe. When is the next trip because we need to step up the number and frequency of voyages made until Israel gives in on this issue.

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