Israel’s destruction of Palestinian homes and villages: when will it end?

irgun museum jaffa

Jaffa 1948. Thousands of Palestinian homes were destroyed by the Jewish Irgun militia starting in 1947, well before the declaration of the State of Israel. This was just the start of 65 years of destruction. To learn more, you are invited to join in a free, web-based seminar….


Wednesday, April 1st 8:00 p.m. (EST)

By Peter Larson, Chair, National Education Committee on Israel/Palestine

I will examine the ongoing destruction of Palestinian homes and villages that started in 1947. I will focus on six cases over sixty eight years and share short videos of interviews conducted on the ground recently with Palestinians who lost their homes.

The presentation, with slides and videos, will take about 55 minutes. A question & answer session will follow. The presentation will be in English.

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