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Interview: Tyler Levitan on the reaction to Trump’s racist proposal

donald trumpUS Presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s shocking declaration that Muslims should be banned from entering the USA has been widely denounced. Good. But some have pointed out that what Trump is proposing for America is already official policy in Israel. Read more.


Israeli elections hold silver lining for Palestinian human rights

Mideast Israel Election

Many Canadians were disappointed by the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu. His hard line stance on many issues, including the possibility of a two state solution, seemed to indicate that a just peace was not for the near future. But there are some consequences of the election that bode very well for Palestinians. (And I’m not referring to the silly “worse is better” theory.) Read more.


Is Gideon Levy coming to a place near you this March? If so, go listen


Gideon Levy is a respected Israeli journalist who writes thoughtful opinion pieces for Ha’aretz, a leading Israeli daily. Some might compare him to the Globe and Mail’s Jeffrey Simpson or CBC’s Neil Macdonald. He loves Israel. But he is very worried about its future. His frank assessments have even lead to death threats from right wing Zionists. Let him tell you why he is concerned and what he sees for Israel’s future.


Who is Jeff Halper? And why is he visiting 12 Canadian cities in the dead of winter?

jeff halper carted away   jeff halper professor

LEFT: HALPER being arrested as he resists the demolition of a Palestinian family’s house. RIGHT: Dr. Halper is the founder and co-director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. He is on a cross Canada tour talking about his work and about the prospects for a just solution to the Israel/Palestine issue. He will be visiting 12 cities. On the eve of his departure for Canada, I asked him a few personal questions. Photos: ICAHD – UK