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Who is Jeff Halper? And why is he visiting 12 Canadian cities in the dead of winter?

jeff halper carted away   jeff halper professor

LEFT: HALPER being arrested as he resists the demolition of a Palestinian family’s house. RIGHT: Dr. Halper is the founder and co-director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. He is on a cross Canada tour talking about his work and about the prospects for a just solution to the Israel/Palestine issue. He will be visiting 12 cities. On the eve of his departure for Canada, I asked him a few personal questions. Photos: ICAHD – UK


Does it matter if Homeland is “the most bigoted program on TV”?

HOMELAND (Season 4)

The American television series “Homeland” is wildly popular in Canada. Hundreds of thousands watch CIA agent Carrie Mathison in her continual fight to save western liberal democracy from evil Arab forces motivated by hate and religion. Does this matter to those who want Canada to have a balanced policy with respect to Israel/Palestine? You bet it does. See my article.


Baird received as hero by right wing US radio host

mark Levin

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird was a smash hit a few weeks ago on the radio program of conservative US commentator Mark Levin, when he took his customary aggressive stand against Hamas and the Palestinians. The Harper/Baird position plays very well in the USA. Ironically, it seems to serve both the Obama administration and his right wing opponents. (more…)