Open invitation to PC leader Andrew Scheer: come to our public meeting on March 22 to learn more about Jerusalem

Conservative Party

New PC leader Andrew Scheer recently announced he supports Donald Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He said that if he were elected, he would also consider moving Canada’s embassy there. A few days ago, we sent a letter to Mr. Scheer inviting him to our public meeting in Ottawa on March 22 to discuss his decision. We are waiting for an answer. Read more.

Hon. Andrew Scheer, MP

Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

Leader of the Opposition

March 5th, 2018

Dear Mr. Scheer,

On January 31st, you announced that if elected, you would follow Donald Trump’s lead and recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.  In making your announcement, you were quoted as saying ” Israel, like every other sovereign nation, has a right to determine where its capital is located“.

Mr. Scheer, Canada Talks Israel Palestine (CTIP) has a concern that you may be making this decision for electoral reasons but perhaps unaware of all of the relevant facts. In particular, that the reason no country has its Israeli embassy in Jerusalem is because, according to current international law, the status of Jerusalem (both East and West) remains to be determined.

UN resolution 181, which Canada voted for in November 1947 and which partitioned Palestine, provided for Jerusalem to be part of neither the new Jewish state nor the new Arab state, but an independent entity (“corpus separatum”) under international supervision.

Since then, the UN Security Council, and the UN General Assembly have both explicitly called on all States to refrain from establishing diplomatic missions in Jerusalem. By international agreement, the status of Jerusalem is to be decided as part of a final arrangement, and not before. (This international position has also been upheld by the Federal Court of Canada.)

As a result of our concern for your possible lack of understanding of the situation, we would like to invite you to attend CTIP’s public session on the history and future of Jerusalem. We think you might be surprised by what else you learn.

Public meeting: What is the future of Jerusalem? Capital of Israel? Capital of Palestine? Both?

jerusalem crowd

Crowds on the Mount of Olives look to the old city of Jerusalem. Donald Trump’s decision has pleased some and infuriated others. What are the issues involved? Is there a solution?

Thursday, March 22nd

7:30 pm

Churchill Senior Centre

345 Richmond Rd, Ottawa

Presentation by Dr. Peter Larson, Chair, Canada Talks Israel Palestine

Panel Discussion and Question and Answer session with:

  • David Halton, former CBC journalist in Jerusalem
  • Carl Hétu, Director, Catholic Near East Welfare Association
  • Reem Buhaisi, Palestinian refugee

Admission free, donations accepted

Free parking, OC Transpo bus stop 4876

Mr. Scheer, if you do chose to come, we will be happy to add you to the agenda to briefly outline your position. If you are not available, an appropriate substitute would be acceptable. We will guarantee an attentive and respectful (if somewhat skeptical) audience.

For more information, please contact me at

Thank you in advance,

Peter Larson, Chair, Canada Talks Israel Palestine


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  1. Great initiative. I regret that I cannot come to the session.  I know it will be most informative. Paul

  2. Peter, I hope Mr Scheer (or a representative) comes to your meeting on Jerusalem to explain the rationale and implications of his commitment to move the Canadian embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He should bring Mr Clark with him to consider the pitfall of actinng too quickly on this without understanding all the implications as PM Clark found out in 1979. Mr. Clark’s ideas now would be helpful.

    Of course a comprehensive and global approach on this issue consistent with international law could actually advance the peace process: Israel with its capital in West Jerusalem, Palestine with its capital in East Jerusalem and some sort of international regime for the holy places in the old city. There has been speculation in Al Sharq el Awsat that Mr. Trump’s peace proposal might contain such elements.

    Wouuld it be too much to expect that Mr Scheer would be open to such a comprehensive approach to Israel Palestine Jerusalem being advanced or supported by Canada? Hope that there will be an opportunity to find out.

    George Jacoby

  3. This is a response for Judy Goldschmidt: No, I haven’t heard from Michael Enright, nor do I expect to. It’s a nice thought, though! (What can he say, except ‘I was wrong’?)

  4. Mr. Sheer is a Jew himself and he will not miss any opportunity to support the Zionist,illegitimate occupying state of Israel. He is not even a leader yet his arrogance shows how ignorant he is without having any knowledge of the issue.

    1. Hey Muazzam, I find your remarks borderline anti-semitic.

      Mr. Scheer may well be Jewish, but as you know many Canadian Jews have different views on Israel – ranging from right wing religious Zionists, through liberal Zionists who oppose the occupation of “67 but support the idea of a Jewish State, to openly anti-Zionist Jews. I don’t know on what grounds you say that he has no knowledge about the issue. CTIP will not tolerate anti-semitism. I urge you to be careful in what you say.

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