Israel lobby introduces misleading anti-BDS bill in Ontario Legislature

MPP’s Tim Hudak and Mike Colle teamed up with Avi Benlolo of the Simon Wiesenthal centre to introduce a motion in the Ontario legislature opposing the movement to boycott Israel known as BDS. But the name of the bill is misleading and the explanation for the bill lacks veracity. Read more


Campus Roundup: a review of April activities at Canadian universities

dal poster 2

Dalhousie was one of many Canadian campuses where Palestinian human rights activists dared to dream of equality and human rights for Palestinians last month. Above: “I have a dream”  mural somewhere in the occupied territories, from FB page of Students Against Israeli Apartheid at Dalhousie University. Read more (more…)

Campus Roundup: A review of this month’s Israel/Palestine activities on campuses across Canada



McGill University is one of many Canadian university campuses where debate took place last month over the Israel/Palestine conflict. Organizations defending Palestinian human rights are more active than ever across the country. So, also are various pro-Israeli organizations. The debate is intense. Read more.


The debate on BDS has now begun – thanks to Tony Clement



Former Tory minister Tony Clement probably calculated that a unanimous condemnation by Canadian Parliament would deliver a knock out blow to the BDS movement in Canada (or at least scare it into submission.)  But he didn’t get an unanimous vote. And the debate seems to have provoked more discussion about BDS than ever before. Read more (more…)