Carleton adult ed course on Israel/Palestine sold out again – but lectures now available on YouTube!!


Many Canadians are confused and conflicted over the Israel/Palestine issue. They feel sorry for the Palestinians, but worry about security for Jews.  A long waiting list for a six week adult education course at Carleton University this fall seems to show that many are concerned and want to understand more.  Although this course is already oversold, a shortened version of six free 1 hour lectures is available on the CTIP YouTube channel. Read more…


Canadian Embassy FB page: valuable source of information on Canada-Israel relations

goodale embassy

Ralph Goodale (centre front), Canada’s Minister of Public Safety recently visited Israel. Here he is with our Embassy staff in Tel Aviv. The Embassy’s Facebook page is a great source of information for anyone interested in knowing what Canadians are visiting (and doing business with) Israel. Read more… (more…)

CTIP wishes Ramadan greetings to Muslim Canadians


Canada Talks Israel Palestine is a secular organization. Our members include Jews, Christians, Muslims, other faiths and even non-believers.

For the next month, Muslims in Canada and elsewhere will be fasting from daybreak to sunset (especially difficult in the Canadian summer with its long days and short nights.)

We extend our Ramadan greetings to our Muslim Canadian members, to other Muslims across Canada (hoping they will become CTIP members some day) and to Muslims around the world.

CTIP is pleased to note that a number of Canadian politicians have issued similar statements, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who posted a short video Ramadan greeting.

To all our Muslim friends we say “Ramadan Mubarak” (translated, “Blessed Ramadan”).


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