CBC story about Canadian sheep sent to Israel raises ethical, factual issues


A recent CBC story reported that these sheep have just come from Canada to Israel where they now live on a farm on land confiscated from Palestinian peasants in 1948. CBC’s Derek Stoffel seems to think this is a good news story. But his article has some major issues. Read more… (more…)

CTIP history Quiz – test your knowledge of Palestinian, Israeli and Canadian history

un-partition-1947Sixty nine years ago, on November 29th, 1947, the UN took a dramatic decision to “partition” historic Palestine into a “Jewish State” and an “Arab State”. The vote would have historic and tragic consequences that still shape our world. What do you know about that decision and Canada’s role in it? Here’s a test.  (more…)

Pro-Israel lobby groups attack Liberals over resumption of UNRWA funding



UNRWA (the UN’s relief agency for Palestinian refugees) runs schools and medical clinics for millions of Palestinians. Prime Minister Harper cut off Canada’s financial contribution in 2012. Mr. Trudeau just reinstated it. The Israel lobby is angry and wants it reversed. Read more… (more…)